2014 GAC Keynote Speaker

Jorge Cham - PHD Comics


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Keynote Speaker Jorge Cham: Dr. Cham has become renowned within the graduate student community for his PhD Comics, movie of the same title, and lectures across the country (www.phdcomics.com). For his keynote, Dr. Cham will discuss the importance of being entrepreneurial in graduate school, the new culture of careers and education, and the overall life of a graduate student. This lunch will give graduate and professional students an opportunity to learn about the changing landscape of graduate education and career opportunities, learn vital professional skills, and relax.


Movie and Dinner with Jorge Cham: Following the conference, dinner and the PhD Comics movie will be shown for all graduate and professional students. The movie is a hilarious look into the lives of graduate students, touching on the more humorous situations of dealing with advisors and undergraduates as a teaching assistant, but also more serious topics like stress and burnout. This event will be co-sponsored by MSU Graduate Student Wellness and PhD Career Services.






Michigan State University's 

Council Of Graduate Students 

March 27, 2014